Letting Children to Play Games

Letting Children to Play Games
What kind of game that you have played? It is sure that you will be able to find many kinds of games since you were children. You have to admit that maybe there are already thousands games that you have played. It is sure that you will like it if you can play games all the time. Some people can keep this kind of thought until they were adult. However, some others may have different opinion when they hit older ages. There is no doubt that you have your own opinion as well. It makes sense since people grow and change.
If you become parents, you might feel tired when you see the children play games all the time without having the need of study. Well, if you think that playing game is a kind of action that wasting time, it is sure that you have to remember how you felt when your parents told you to stop playing game and study. You have to remember that there are many others benefit of playing games. It is obvious that you will admit the positive sides and you will think twice before telling your children to stop playing their beloved games.
Enhancing Positive Emotions
It is important to remember that playing games is a great way for your children to enhance positive emotions and other feelings such as curiosity, optimism, and others. It is even proven that those kinds of emotions will stay on them until 24 hours after they play the game. That is why if you want your children to be creative, you should let them to play the games even though you limit the play hours. There is no need for you to stop them since it will make them angry which is a kind of negative emotions for your children.
Cooperating with Other People
You have to also know that if your children like to play games, they will be able to cooperate with other peoples in real life. When they play games that need strategy, it is sure that they will cooperate with other players. If it is applied in real life, your children might be able to cooperate with other people better. There is no doubt that you do not like it if your children being passive because they prefer to play games. However, seeing the positive effects might cause different opinion for you. Therefore, you have to see how our children react to strangers before deciding whether they should stop playing games or not.
Achieving Life Goals
Children who like to play games are also known to be more ambitious. There is no doubt that there are many missions to complete in games. Your children will be used to complete those missions. If it is applied in real life, your children might have the urge to achieve their goals. They will see the real life like the games world where there are missions that should be completed. You will see that there are many benefits shown by your children as the effects of playing the games.

Getting Cheap PC Games

Getting Cheap PC Games
It is sure that some of you love to play games. There are many ways that you can choose to play games. Some people like to play games on their phone or tablet. ibcbet Some other would find it better to play PC games. It does not matter the kind of game that you play as long as it makes you happy then you should keep playing it. For those who like to play PC games, you have to admit that sometimes you cannot afford the games that you want to play. Well, you have to know that it is still possible to play games without need to lose a dime.
PC gamers should know that there are many great ways to play free games. Since there is internet, you should make sure that you get the best use of it. Here, it is recommended for you to visit online sites that provide many kinds of PC games. Usually, you just need to be the member of those sites and you will be able to play many kinds of games freely. Here, you will find several sites which are recommended for you to play the PC games that you want to play.
Best Deals of Steam
The first one is Steam. If you are a PC gamer, it is sure that you know this site. Basically, this site does not really provide free games. However, if you download the Steam client, you will be able to access many kinds of games. It does not matter if the game is indie or mainstream. You just need to make sure that you search it thoroughly so you will be able to find the kind of great games with very cheap price. This site also has many kinds of sale. That is why you have to pay close attention to get the best deal of great games.
Gamefly.com as the Source of Happiness
If you often visit Netflix to watch movies, it means you need to check Gamefly.com as well. This site is very great since you will be able to find any kind of games that you want to play. If Netflix has complete collection of movies, then Gamefly.com is the source of video games. You just need to make sure that you subscribe the service so you will get the game that you want in the mail. It only charges for $16 for every game sent to you. Besides, you will also get unlimited download playing time in this site.
Trading Game at Goozex
The last but not least, you should also check Goozex. You have to admit that sometimes you are bored with the video game that you have played for a long time. In Goozex, your old video games can be traded with new game. There is no doubt that sometimes you have no thought to sell your games since you do not know where to sell it. That is why you just need to check this site and trade your old games with something new. You will be able to get the benefits of this site.

Enhancing PC gaming Experience

Enhancing PC gaming Experience
Playing game is always interesting for anyone. It does not matter if you are children or adult, you will love to play game a lot. There are so many ways that you can choose to play games. However, some people agree that playing game should be done in PC. It is simply because PC games are known to have better graphic. Besides, the game that you play on the PC seems to be a lot harder. If you are a kind of PC gamer, you have to make sure that you enhance your experience so you will get to know the greatness of playing PC game.
Overclock the Video Card
Your PC gaming experience would not be fun if your PC runs very low. That is why you have to make sure that you always do something with your PC. The first thing that you have to do is overclock your video card. There are many people who did this and they admit that it helps a lot. Overclocking your video card will help the PC to run the game smoother and also nicer. It is surely a kind of noticeable thing that will help you to increase your performance in playing the game.
Get Cheap Games
You have to admit that sometimes you cannot update your game because you cannot afford it. Well, if you want to be able to play better game, it is sure that you have to update it. That is why you have to make sure that you get the best deal in paying the game that you want. There is always a possible way to get great game with cheaper price. At this point, you should check all the sites that sell game. Therefore, you will be able to get the game that you want with a lot of cheaper price.
Use Gamepad
There is no doubt that some people prefer to play the PC games simply by using mouse and keyboard. Even though you can play the game with those stuffs, you have to know that playing PC games can also use gamepad. There are so many kinds of gamepad that you can get. You just need to find the one that will help you to get the best performance while playing the game. There is no doubt that you will realize how easy it is to play a game by using gamepad. You can reach the next level without need to break your mouse.
Upgrade Hardware
Another kind of thing that you can do to enhance your PC gaming experience is to upgrade your own hardware. There is no doubt that sometimes you are not able to get better graphic simply because you still use that old monitor. Here, you have to make sure that you use better monitor, mouse, and also the keyboard. It is also recommended for you to get a pair of headphones which has microphone in it. Therefore, you can also play online game and interact with other people easily. From now on, your PC gaming experience will be awesome.

Why Adults Should Play Game

Why Adults Should Play Game
Game is known to be the best stress reliever which can help you to get refreshed. Nowadays, it is easy to find many kinds of game whether it is played in computer or simply a phone. Some adults think that playing a game is a kind of thing that will spend their time and have no benefits. However, you have to know that playing game would not only spend your time. There are other kinds of benefit that you will gain after playing a game. Even though you are an adult, you have to spare your time in a day to play a game to get the benefits of it.
Improve Brain
You might have no idea about the benefit of playing game. It is recommended for you to play game because of several reasons. The first of all, playing game is known to be the best way to improve brain function. Sometimes, you might realize that there are times when you cannot think about a solution. It is simply because your brain thinks about a lot of things that will make it tired. Therefore, you should make sure to play a game so your brain will get the chance to improve its function.
Boost Creativity
Another kind of benefit that you will get from playing a game is to boost your creativity. You have to admit that now you are lack of creativity if it is compared to the time when you were children. You should know that playing game will help you to boost your creativity. When you are relaxed, you will be able to do your task better. Besides, a kind of game which makes you solving problems will also help you to have better imagination. You will easily make decision since you can imagine things without need to wait for a long time.
Interact with Strangers
It is also proven that playing game can also improve your relationship with other people. There are several kinds of game that should be played with more than a person. Here, you will be able to interact with other people. Or else, it is simply because the game you played can be chosen as topic of conversation with other people that you know. It is sure that you will get the chance to develop the nature to interact even with strangers. There is no doubt that you will be able to get more friends just because you play the game.
Stay Young
One thing which is also important, playing game will also help you to feel younger and more energetic. Game is often associated to children. That is why playing game will make you feel like you are younger. Besides, the fun of playing games will help your brain to stay fun and relaxed. If your brain is relaxed, it is obvious that it will prevent you from getting stress. Since you already know the fun of playing a game, there is no way for you to stop it. Just make sure that you spare one or two hours per day to play the game that you like.

Challenging Experience from Brave Frontier

Challenging Experience from Brave Frontier
Have you ever played Brave Frontier? This android game is being happening game currently. This game has been the trend for mobile devices. It is because the game has been downloaded by many people reaching up almost one million downloads. It is regarded to become magnet for android games. It is caused the sensation, impression and addictive power given by this game. Though addictive game is not like Angry Bird or Temple Run, this game is more complicated.
Brave Frontier becomes a game taking RPG genre. The genre includes classic style. It is reminding gamers to the old RPG games like Valkyrie Profile. This game was actually launched in the mid of 2013. It has been developed by Alim, a new game developer from Japan. It has been famous in Japan at the time. In the late of 2013, it had been brought by Gumi Inc based in Singapore to sell in the international world in which it has English version and exist in android and ios.
Gameplay of Brave Frontier
When you played Game Brave Frontier, you need to make an account for the first time. It is actually easy to conduct for beginners who want to play with. You have to make account via Facebook. After you make the account, it has to select one of elements being summon in RPG system. The available element is five elements with Star 2. Then, you can choose the hero to play. There are many heroes that can be chosen. In this game, there are 200 heroes to find. What makes it so interesting and addictive? This game takes a game concept of RPG based with turn-based system. It means that it uses substitute system in fighting for enemy. Moreover, it gives social touch for players. The players have duty to finish some missions like competing for the enemy, building a city and forming soldiers. The other things are freedom system in fighting for. When you select a certain character, you can use six ways of battle.
Features of Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier has several interesting features making it fun to play with. The nice feature is about energy. It means that it is an ability to carry out the trip of atua quest. If your energy completed, characters cannot challenge it anymore. To restore the energy, it needs gem. In addition to use gem, this android game presents a city enabling to do some characters and activities.
Graphic Design
Brave Frontier becomes a recommended android game. It is an interesting RPG social game for android and ios. Moreover, it has been supported by bright colorful graphic and great effects. Even, when you have battle with enemies, it offers number one graphic design quality and excellent visualization. The touch of anime graphic design makes the game more interesting to play with. It is so really good when it is seen from sides like graphic quality, gameplay, and story scenario. To install it on your smartphones, your android minimally has 5.1 version and ios 2.3.3 android version. Do not forget to have minimally 1 GB of RAM. You can download it freely on ios and android platform.

Raccoon Rising

Raccoon Rising
The latest android game is not always boring. It applied to a newest game called raccoon rising. It requires two years to make it available in Google Play. It was actually appearing in App Store in 2011. But, finally it is launched in the android application. It is being the most favorite android game. Here are some things about it.
Graphic Quality
Raccoon Rising becomes one of the most waiting android games to play. Why could it be? It is because the graphic quality is so fantastic and excellent. Moreover, it is supported by solid and intense gameplay making gamers feel comfortable during playing this game. You will enjoy the number one graphic design in which you seem to involve in this game.
Challenging Gaming Experience
When you played Raccoon Rising, it gets you like a warrior. You are jumping one side to another side quickly. The gameplay of this android game is similarly to Ninjump game in which you need to climb to the top of buildings by jumping from one side to another continuously. To jump left, it is enough to press tap and direct angle to jump in the left part on the screen and vice versa for right. Raccoon Rising has so many available traps in the wall sides and steps that you take. You think jumping strategies freely because Raccoon only keep silent on one side until it waits your directions.
Great Elements and Features
Sometimes, barriers and challengers will burden you to move the next sides. To overcome the problem, it needs to press tap for longer time directing to Raccoon. Pressing longer tap makes Raccoon will jump faster and further. It can destroy some challenges like wood and the others. You can change the direction when Raccoon acts with the fast tap before it reaches a location successfully. This android game is divided into four worlds in which every world has different theme. In every world, you need to climb from bottom to the top. You will get helps with gate system. This gate system is like check point. When you fell, you will be hold by the gate. Later, if you repeat this game, you will start from the last gate run.
During you jump in this gate, you can gather coins in the form of sim card. This coin can be used to buy some costumes of Raccoon. Though it is only accessories, it is still cool to collect. Raccoon Rising has great graphic quality of 3D. It is very good with varied environment types. In addition, you will be brought to the story through some pieces of comic and unique graphic. For free android game, Raccoon Rising is one the best graphic design games that you can get. Unfortunately, it has little problems technically in which you get difficulties to get back the main menu and longer loading. But, it can be solved by updating. Raccoon Raising is a platformer game for android that is like Mario Bros. When you begin the challenge of this game, you will see opening cut scene from this game. It is likely interesting to see.

Dread Out, Challenging Your Braveness

Dread Out, Challenging Your Braveness
Have you ever tried to play scary games on your android? Dread out is the best answer to meet your desire on frightened games. It is a horror game inspired from classical horror game like Fatal Frame. For gamers, this game is really suggested to install on ios and android. These are several things about that game.
Scary Plot Story
Dread out tells about a group of students perforce to enter a certain village when they have been study tour. You will be Linda, a student of a certain senior high school. In the village, Linda and friends get trapped in haunted school in the village and they separate from the others. They are trying to find escape and call their friends. It sounds like a horror story. But, it is not the main purpose of making this horror video. It is used to challenge your braveness. Dread out is likely more focusing on the experience of local culture.
Graphic and Designs
Dread out gives excellent visual and great lighting to gamers so that they can feel the sensation. This is often used to apply in some other horror games. It has a wonderful graphic design. The design level of Dread out is fairly great in which it offers terrifying situation with the organization of objects in the game. In this game, you will be trapped in the school. The school looks very old and haunted. It is being the best object for making horror games. It is like real in which the layout of class chairs and tables making a scary formation in the school. The visualization of Dread Out is so fantastic and frightening. You are getting scared only seeing it.
Elements of Dread Out
It contains some amazing elements supporting the horror sides of the game. It attaches jump scare. Though it is regarded to be common in horror games, it actually uses great sound effects making gamers get afraid of. In addition, the sound effect will make gamers get shocked slowly and gradually so that it gives distinct sensation during playing the game. The character of Dread Out uses English conversation. This game can convey fear effect only through its sound. The sound effect made of sound designer is so really fantastic. It does not offer loud sound but it takes shocking sound. Even though it looks perfect, 3D texture still becomes a problem in this game. There are some game objects having low and good textures. It needs some improvements. But, overall it is good. For game play it is actually easy to play. You can only take a ghost photo met and lose it. All photos can be kept in the gallery.
Some ghosts in this android game have unique ways to fight for it and it gives variation in the game. Unfortunately this horror game does not have in-game tutorial so that it needs to read the instructions before playing it. It is slightly conventional compared to current android and ios games. This is aimed at challenging braveness and gall to against ghosts.

4 Best Ios and Android Games

4 Best Ios and Android Games
Android devices are the communication devices having many interesting applications. One of the applications is games. For those using android devices especially games, you absolutely cannot keep away from the devices of android games. There are so many types of ios games happening currently. Here is the list of the most favorite games for android.
Hardest Game Ever 2
The first ios and android game is called Hardest Game Ever 2. If you see the title of android game, it is being the most difficult game ever to play. This game is testing your smartness and cleverness. In addition, you will feel how responsive the game is being played. There are some mini games served making you stressful and even getting annoyed because of the difficulty level of this game. For those who do not like challenges, it is not wrong to download this game on your android device freely in Google Play Store.
Dream House Days
Dream House Days is a kind of a challenging game for android. It demands the gamers to manage an apartment. In this game, players are able to organize apartment based on the desire. To run this game, it will be conducted with two missions. The first mission is making apartment owners getting safe and comfortable. Meanwhile, second mission gets the apartment income and profits. Those missions should be carried well. If it is successful, you are able to conquer the game. That game is available to download freely in Google Play Store.
Enemy Strike
The next game is namely Enemy Strike. When you see the title, it seems to be scary. Enemy strike is a game striving for you to defend a remaining city from alien invasion that had destroyed a half of human population in a certain world. You can use the shotgun and the other kinds of weapon to conduct a war and get your planet back. If you want to play this game, it is ready to test the speed of your thinking way and response in taking a deal with the next steps to fight for enemies. This game is really testing the speed and how much responsive you are in playing this game. The game can be downloaded freely and it is available in some different language versions.
Frontline Commando 2
The last game is Frontline Commando 2. It is being one of the newest android and ios games that can be downloaded freely. This game is bringing you to a scary and tighten war situation. You will exploit complete weapon and tools like bomb, binocular and the others to include a war. When you played this game, you will completely feel like real. There is no better choice than playing Frontline Commando 2. It is very fun and never making you get bored to play with. Try to play it with supporting situation. Play it at bedroom and dark lighting. It makes you get the feeling of playing this game. Those are several recommended android games to play and download. Those are so fantastic and boost your adrenaline.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game Review

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game Review
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a fantasy game with action RPG game play. It was developed by Capcom and published by Capcom. One thing for sure, this game got many compliments. Even it becomes editor choice in several game portals. If you ever played the other series of Monster Hunter 4, you will see the similar things here. Fight the giant monsters and upgrade your equipment with their body parts. This concept is still the same here.
The Graphic
This game is only available for Nintendo 3DS platform. Although it is coming as an exclusive game, the game is just great. One thing for sure is about the graphic. Although it looks not that real, overall the graphic looks pretty good for a fantasy game. Maybe it will remind you with the classic RPG game. But this is not disappointing at all.
The Game Play
In here, you will be a monster hunter and become a part of hunter’s guild. Several missions must be taken. As a hunter, you will be challenged to hunt the dangerous creatures. All of them are located on the various locations. When you process the quests, you will get several items and game money. There also rewards that can be used to craft new armor, weapons and many more. You will get it after completing the quest.
The interesting thing about this game is about the movement improvement. There is 3 dimensional movement that completed with the several new actions. Players can climb the walls and use the height advantage to attack the monster or to mount it. Uniquely, the monsters are terrain aware. They can use the environment to get some advantages. There also 2 new added weapons, the charge blade and the insect glaive.
Game Modes
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is available in 2 game modes, single player and multiplayer. The multiplayer mode is the good improvement. In the previous titles, multiplayer mode works on the local area connections only. There is no online multiplayer yet. Although you can get this feature by linking it to Wii U or PS3, it seems to be troublesome. But in this title, the handheld version has been integrated fully with online multiplayer.
Beside it, there is an addition mode which is known as expedition mode. This feature will be very useful for players who feel directionless. Here, players will be able to explore the world randomly and meet the random monsters. This mode will be interesting for gamer who really enjoy monster hunting.
Distribution and Release Date
This game has been distributed with Nintendo 3DS game card. You do not need to download it. All you need is just ordering it and play the game from the game card. If you want to try this game, this game is available in the market. It has been released since February 13, 2015. One more thing to note about this game is about the rating. This game is for teen. It contains blood, fantasy violence and crude humor. The online feature also may expose the players to unrated user content.

Helldivers Game Review

Helldivers Game Review
Helldivers, this is an exclusive game that only available in PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This game was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The genre is pretty unique. It adopts shoot-em-up top down genre with single player and 4 player co-op game modes.
The Story
The story of this game happens on the future world, when the mankind extended the civilization throughout the galaxy. They want to come together under one government in a democracy. Human race spreads the message of freedom and liberation to every planet they land. But of course, liberation on the natural resource and freedom from the human opposition.
There is no good guy here. Everything about this game is about conquering and conquerors. Come to the alien home worlds and conquer it. This is the mission of Helldivers which is also known as the human Special Forces soldier.
Graphic Performance
One thing to say about the graphic is just great. The detail is pretty good. Beside it, the setting and the movement is also smooth. If you ever played Warhammer or Dota, you will be familiar with this game. The game play and the perspective is just the same. Overall, the graphic is not disappointing.
The Game Play
Helldivers adopts shoot-em-up top down genre that presented from the overhead perspective. In here, players will take the role of Helldivers squad with a single mission, conquering the alien home worlds and establishing super earth way of life. As a conqueror, you will get a resistance from the local residents. There are 3 races to face, the grotesque bugs, cyborgs and technological advanced illuminati. All of them are strong and have the special abilities. Strategy is absolutely needed to complete several objectives.
The game allows the players to make their own decisions. This is including where to deploy the army, how to complete the objective and when to call the certain equipment. All of them must be made by the players. Before the mission, players can select several weapons, strategems and perks to accomplish the mission.
Game Modes
This game offers 2 game modes, single player and four player co-op. On the single player mode, you will play as the only player. But in the multiplayer mode, you will play it with the other players and play as a team. Team work is absolutely needed. Before the mission, you can discuss the strategy with your partner.
Playing in multiplayer mode is pretty fun. But in the other side, it looks pretty real and challenging as well. There is one thing to note. In here, you have an ability to harm your teammates. This feature cannot be disabled. For this, you have to be careful, especially on the chaotic combat.
The Release Date
For North America, this game is available since March 3, 2015. And for Europe, this game is available to play on March 4, 2015. The other countries may get this game later. Unfortunately, there is no more information about this. Helldivers is available as digital download. For this, you have to download it from the official website.