The Most Popular Mobile Games in 2014

31. The Most Popular Mobile Games in 2014
There is no question that people will not be able to live without the support from the smartphone. Smartphone becomes the vein for many modern people’s life. It is not only useful for helping them with their communication because the smartphone has more functions. The smartphone is supported with various kinds of app and most of them are designed for entertainment purpose. It means that people will be able to find various kinds of game app for their smartphone. With the increasing popularity of mobile games, it is not difficult to find the most popular mobile games in the world in 2014.
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird surely becomes very big phenomenon in the world of mobile game. It was released in 2013 and it gained the popularity slowly before it could reach exploding popularity in the early months of 2014. There are more and more fans of this game that make this game is getting more and more popular. The game is pretty simple because people only need to move the small bird through the pipes. The pipes look familiar because it is similar to the pipes which can be found in the Mario Brothers Game from Nintendo. The fact that it was pulled from the market just makes this game getting insanely much more popular.
Third Eye Crime
This game will provide people with interesting plot which is starred by Rothko the Physic thief. In Third Eye Crime, the thief has been captured and jailed because he stole the art. The thief tries for escaping from the jail by using his physical ability, stealth, and wits only. It is necessary for him to escape from the jail without getting shot or caught by the officer. People will find this game interesting because it comes with the comic book style for the backdrop set in the entire game. They will also enjoy the sound track with jazzy blues genre. There will be another door which can be used for escaping while the thief must avoid the guards.
When playing Framed game, they will find the type of game with story book puzzle design. Players should rearrange the comic book panels which come with various stories. Rearranging the comic panel is a must if players want to move to the next story. One interesting thing which people should remember is that the way they arrange the comic book panel will influence the story line of the comic book. Players should choose the best story lone so the story can end perfectly.
Jungle Rumble
If people are looking for the mobile game which becomes the combination between the Donkey Kong and Patapon, they can find it in Jungle Rumble. Players will not find the big gorillas in the game but they will find the little monkeys which are very cute. However, the little monkey needs to defend the jungle area from the monkey family which tries to invade their area. For playing this game, players need musicality as well as listening skill since they need to help the monkey using the drum beat so the monkeys can swing from tree to tree as well as throwing the coconuts for attacking the invading monkey.

The Most Awaited Games In 2015

25. The Most Awaited Games In 2015
In this year gamers will be able to have access to the several new awesome games. Perhaps some of you get disappointed with some of the games that are released last years. Here we will give you our list about the games that are the most awaited in this year. There are various games with various genres that you may look out. We are only able to pray that the games that we waited are up to our expectation. The games developers have worked really hard to meet your hope in this year. So are you intrigued with our list of the most awaited games in this year? Check it out!
No Man’s Sky
The game that is made by a tiny indie team unexpectedly has become the most awaited game. It is because people are interested in the preview that is brought to public. No Man’s Sky is claimed to have the widest map of all game. With the space’s theme, you can explore the really vast map. You can act as a bounty hunter or adventurer to explore the universe. We can’t imagine how much time it should take to explore all of the maps in this game. It sounds really fun when you meet the other player in the really vast map. That is the reason why this game has become one of the most awaited games in this year. The platform of this game is PlayStation 4 and PC Windows.
The Legend Of Zelda
Legend of Zelda, like its name, is a legendary game. With new brand console the Zelda adventure come into new level. You will experience something new on the platform of Wii U. The adventure of course will not look the same anymore as Zelda’s adventure before. Anyway this game is really awaited by the gamers who love to play in the Zelda’s quests.
Batman Arkham Night
In June we will encounter new Batman series. Well it supposed to be released in 2014 but it does not matter anymore because we will see the Gotham city that is five times larger than the game before. We will also see new Batmobile which is now able to get rid of the enemy with it’s the new Battle Mode transformation. Batman Arkham Night will come in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Just Cause 3
Do you love toppling a dictator while traveling to various amazing places? Well the last Just Cause has amazed us with its gameplay. With wide and beautiful graphic, they brought us to the world where we can explore almost anything. Now in 2015 Just Cause 3 will take a place on Mediterranean island. The combat and the adventure will be double due to some addition to the character. We can also still rely on the grappling hook to explore the world or fight the enemy. As Rico Rodriguez you will have to explore the new world with new storyline and new items. This game will be brought to you in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

How Not To Get Video Game Addiction

24. How Not To Get Video Game Addiction
Video game for most of people is a hobby and activities where they are able to be more enjoyed and forget for a while their business in the real world. It is because video game nowadays not only offers gameplay but also graphic that makes one video game looks more real. In the latest game you even able to feel a fantasy world with your own body not a game controller. With its modern features, video game has attracted people more than the real world. Perhaps the reason is because many people are not satisfied with the real environment out there. Some people who are in the stage of addiction even cut their social life and playing more game instead. It is become real problem especially for the young generations who still have future lies ahead. That is why we arranged a way to not get addicted to video game. Well we do not want to say you should leave the game as a hobby but we only want to keep you from addiction which is really bad.
Recognizing The Symptoms
Video game addiction has several symptoms that you need to know. By analyzing whether you are contracted with gaming addiction you may be able to put an advanced effort to stop it. First you need to recognize whether you are angry or not when you need to stop the gaming and doing your responsibility. The anger itself can change depending on the person’s personality. Some people develop laziness while they need to do something that does not really have connection with gaming. Second, if you start to lie about how much you play and enjoy the game you may have addicted. It is fine to play and enjoy the game but if it is really excessive and you want to cover it by lying it may be a real problem of gaming addiction. Third, if you spend too much your money on games perhaps it is the sign of gaming addiction. If you are an adult you may be able to observe the flow of money directly but if you are not an adult and still do not have income your parent may warn you. And the last is to have negative social behavior. This behavior may developed while you are over addicted to a game. Negative social behavior includes the mood in the public area even with health concern.
Avoiding Game Addiction
You need to recognize that gaming perhaps is really enjoyable. But don’t make any excuse to play in a really long time. You need to accept your responsibility in the public or in a family. Try to make plan before you spend the money on gaming. You must realize that the money that you receive is not only for gaming. Besides you also need to be more engaged with social life. If possible make an enjoyable chat with your neighbor or your family member. Do not make the game as your way to escape your dissatisfaction over something in the real world.

Finding Hidden Objects on Agent Alice Game

22. Finding Hidden Objects on Agent Alice Game
Agent Alice game is a game that tells a female detective named Alice who should be involved in the kidnapping case that began in a theater performances to several other criminal cases like murderer. All criminal cases occurred in succession and carried out by the same perpetrators. Although the perpetrator of this criminal is the same person, Agent Alice is not easy to find the identity of the suspect. It caused by some of the objects that appear outside the logic in some of the crime scene. In addition, Alice meets Oberon who makes the case more difficult to resolve.
Briefly Explanation about the Game
Although the game is not entirely fantasy, the presence of Oberon characters make this game into an absurd game to be handled by an ordinary detective who does not have the magic and fortune-telling abilities. The main villain of the game is William Shakespeare who portrays the character Oberon as the king of all fairies. This game designed to be a fantasy game. This free game is a casual game with the theme of hidden objects. The main weapon you have is your eyes. This game can test your eye foresight in finding hidden objects in colorful and highly detailed images. Visual quality provided by this game are very detailed like shapes, contours, and shadows that will make you confused in finding the hidden objects. In addition, the names of the objects that you need to find not too familiar and require that you open the dictionary to find the definition of the object. Through this game, your English vocabulary will increase.
A disadvantage of this game is the energy system in force in this game. You are not just looking for some random objects, but you have to find some objects that relate to the case being handled by Alice. In addition, the shortage of the game is, to continue the next level, you are required to pay one or two blue stars that you get form the highest scores of each image.
How to Play the Game
Each image has a limited number of blue stars and requires you to produce the highest scores. Each time you complete a picture, and then your score will be added to the next game. Energy system requires you to play a drawing for one game. You will have 75 energies to 7 times a game. After that, you have to wait to make your energy back. You will have power-ups that allow you to get a blue star. You will also have blue loop to find the object and the red eye to retrieve the objects. The point is, this hidden objects game is perfect for those who like to look for hidden items. The game is available for PCs and Smartphone. You can directly download this game on the Play Store or through a browser. The game is also suitable for those who like games with light storylines because other visual games have too complex storyline and the size is too large.

Act as Bruce Lee on Kungfu Warrior Game

23. Act as Bruce Lee on Kungfu Warrior Game
For those of you who love the character of Bruce Lee and some of its moves, you can play a game related to Bruce Lee. The name of the game is Kungfu Warrior. You can play the game produced by Triniti Interactive Ltd by downloading through Play Store. This game provides a game that is easy to understand and attractive to complete any mission. The game has a very similar character of Bruce Lee figure but in miniature and with martial arts motion will keep you continuously play this game. This game is available on the Play Store Android and IOS.
How to Play Kungfu Warrior
Kung Fu Warrior is an android game and very simple. Other than that, this game is not so complicated to play because it has a storyline and settings that are easy to understand. In this game, you play as a fighter character that looks similar to Bruce Lee. You must complete the mission by mission to be able to give you a chance to add tricks and upgrade capabilities in the characters you are playing.
You can control the movement of the characters that you play via button. Right and left buttons are to move the Bruce Lee to the right and to the left. Button up to make Brucee Lee jump and kick the enemy. Large round button to hit, kick, and perform the movement moves to make Brucee Lee rolling. In addition to the four buttons, you can use a button combo you used simultaneously, namely button up and round. Combo button will make Bruce Lee punch the enemy repeatedly and stomp the ground that makes the enemy bounce away from Bruce Lee. If you managed to defeat some enemies, you will get food that can make Bruce Lee do some special moments.
Sound and Graphics
From the sounds, Kungfu Warrior Android game gives movement sound in accordance with the stance you are doing. For example, when you are hitting the enemy and kicking enemies or performing some other moves, the sound movement will be in accordance to the kick and combo moves. The sound of the background of each mission provides additional support of this game. From the side of the display and graphics, Kungfu Warrior Android game has a view that is quite interesting when it seen from the characters of different enemies and figure you are playing. Another thing you can see is, when you are doing a stance and the combo, the effect and light will increasingly look attractive.

Courtroom is in Session: Phoenix Wright Trilogy 3DS Review

Courtroom is in Session Phoenix Wright Trilogy 3DS Review
Phoenix Wright series has been around ever since the early 90s, but it gains its recognition from the remake of the game in Nintendo DS platform. This game is considered as one of the classics and provide inspirations for so many games later on to indulge the player with the neat combination of murder mysteries and visual novels. In a nutshell, one can basically say that Phoenix Wright series is actually a lawyer simulator, in which the players get to play the role of Phoenix Wright, the titular protagonist of the series. Wright is a young attorney who is full of passions and ambitions, he became involved with the work of law since he was following the track of his childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth who became a prosecutor. Wright and Edgeworth have not been in contact for so long and in the courtroom, they finally met as rivals. The story basically revolves around Wright’s experience in the courtroom, as well as several murder cases that might be entwined with each other. With the risk of his client being sent to the jail and the truth lost forever, the young attorney must try his hardest to solve the crime and bring the truth to light in the courtroom.
The Basic
Like any other visual novel, this game revolves around dialogue and narrations. But wait, there’s more. The game also features various investigation as well as puzzle-solving segments that come with each cases. With intriguing plot, charming dialogue, and overall loveable characters, this game is good to occupy someone for a long span of time. Ace Attorney has set an irresistible trend amongst so many other visual novel games. But as a classic, this game has not lost its appeal even after a long time. It is originally a Gameboy Advance game before it gets a better, localized remake in Nintendo DS. As the original trilogy of Ace Attorney is a big success, the developers decided to bundle all the series together and gave it a better adaptation in the 3DS version. Several changes are made, but not major. The storyline is as crisp and intriguing as always, and the epic courtroom battle is as epic as always. The gameplay is as amazing as ever with its investigation, cross-examination, as well as puzzles. Solving the crime and finding the true culprit can be a challenging challenge to try, but the real battle starts in the courtroom where the witnesses can be either your greatest friend or worst enemies. It combines many intriguing elements important to build suspense; mysteries, clues, as well as the need for deductions.
The Review
This trilogy is definitely something worth playing, and I would recommend it even to people who does not really like visual novel genre all that much. With the unique cast of characters and fresh storyline, Phoenix Wright series have a certain appeal which hard to be resisted even by the people who are not really into visual novel genre. However, like any other game, it also has perks and downs. As a whole series, the game is good and each of the instalment is something worth playing. However, it does have its low-moment from time to time, particularly in the second series Phoenix Wright: Justice for All who is not as amusing or engaging as the first game and the third one. But when it is viewed as a whole though, this game is a really exciting classic which I wouldn’t mind recommending to many people, even non-gamers. I give this game 4.5 out of 5 rating.

999: Between Nonary Game, Survival, and Human Psychology

999 Between Nonary Game, Survival, and Human Psychology
For gamers who found that visual novels to be appealing, then 999 is something which I would recommend for those whose choice of drugs revolve around appealing narrations, characters, and storyline. The platform of Nintendo DS has so much of good visual novel games such as Hotel Dusk and Ace Attorney. But for those who prefer a much edgier look in this type of genre, then this game is definitely something worth trying. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine doors is a game developed by Spike Chunsoft, which is quite famous for Danganronpa series. This game takes sci-fi and human psychology up to the next level. Over the course of the game, players would be presented with various puzzles that need to be solved in order to find the truth behind the Nonary game, a bizarre experiment conducted by someone who claimed his name as “Zero”. Junpei the protagonist was trapped inside a confined ship along with other eight people. Each of them claimed that they know nothing about what is happening and when they woke up, they are already confined in the ship. Each of them is given a wrist-watch (or a bracelet) with only one number to represent them all. From one till nine, each individual is marked with numbers. Here’s a catch though, if they ever break the rules set beforehand in the game, their watch would detonate and end their heart beating. Their objective is to survive and find the door which marked with “9” on it.
The Basic
As you can see, this game is a puzzle-solving game filled with various riddles and conundrums which can get your mind working for hours and hours of gameplay. The puzzle are varying from door to door and the mysteries thicken as the story progresses. Just like any other visual novel, the outcome of this game will depend on the choices of the player. Some choices may lead you to bad end, and some are necessary to be chosen in order to reach the true end. There are multiple possible endings and it was nerve-wrecking from time to time. The dark, heavy atmosphere of the game adds up to the suspense building up from the story. The puzzle can be quite confusing at times, but that’s what makes this game even more exciting from start to finish.
The Review
Plot twists are to be expected. But to be honest, I found that the ending, while brilliant, is lacking something. Maybe it’s just too mind-blowing and odd for my taste, so I would sometimes reluctant to recommend this game even to the most hard-core lover of visual novels. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful game packed with nice plot twists as well as powerful devices. It brings out the trick that may deceive the human’s psychology and give quite a memorable impact on it. Storyline-wise, I must say that the game has strong narration and an overall brilliant plot. However, it is also the downside of the game I think, because sometimes the narrations are too long and that the story itself can be considered as a major oddball, which may not up to the taste of everyone. As for the illustration though, I must say that it’s quite good. The characters have anti-mainstream vibe to each of them and the sound effects in the game is good enough to provide a much more intense gaming experience. I give this game 4 out of 5 rating.

Super Danganronpa 2: A Heart-thumping Gaming Experience!

Super Danganronpa 2 A Heart-thumping Gaming Experience!
As a game, Danganronpa 1 was good, but as an anime, well, not so much. Unfortunately, it seems there are quite many people who heard of the anime first than the game. As much as the anime adaption made a decent (could be better) depiction of what the whole plot of the game was all about, but to be honest, it does not enough to capture the essence of the game; what makes the game itself awesome. As much as I’d like to blabber more about the first game though, this article will discuss and review about the successor of the first series: Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It is common to find many awesome games to be extremely brilliant at the start of the series, but declining in quality later on. As a fan of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, I must say that I’m glad it didn’t turn out like that at all. The second game was so much more than I could ever expected; it was a mind-blowingly amazing masterpiece. If you are someone who heard the name of Danganronpa franchise only from the anime adaptation, don’t let the anime fool you, because the next series in-line of Spike Chunsoft’s masterpiece “Danganronpa” has one of the best plots and writings that you will ever see in the history of video games.
The Basic
Super Danganronpa 2, like its predecessor, was developed by Spike Chunsoft, which known for its thriller and puzzle-solving games. The Japanese version was first released in the Playstation Portable platform, and the recent English localization was released in the Playstation Vita platform. Still retaining its charm of Visual Novel-format, Super Danganronpa 2 excels in many aspects such as storyline and characters. I can even say that the plot of the second installation is much more brilliant than the first one, because it is in a way provide some insight on loose-ends from the first game, as well as introducing more about what actually happened in Danganronpa universe. This game provides multiple puzzle-solving segments as one of its main elements. It still has that Ace-Attorney investigation format and the school trial is improved to be much more intense in this second installation. You’ll play as Hajime Hinata, an amnesiac protagonist who woke up in a secluded island with other fifteen students. A rabbit mascot called Usami said that they are supposed to get along and spend their school trip having fun in the island. However, things don’t go well there (of course, as expected), since the evil bear mascot in the previous game, Monokuma is back to sabotage the field trip and demand the students to kill each other if they want to leave the island. Can you feel the heart-thumping suspense yet? No? Then you should give the game a try because things will get even crazier from that point.
The Review
Even though the concept of “survival game” is one of the most overused tropes in many fictional works, but Super Danganronpa 2 does not disappoint with its brilliant story-telling, memorably unique characters, as well as plot twists. The downside of the game is that it can be heavy on the narration and the dialogue sometimes, and might not be the genre that will fit everyone’s taste. For gamers who love action-packed games, I wouldn’t recommend this one. But for those who don’t mind reading lengthy wall of text and hours of solving puzzle, this game is the dope that you seek. You know what else rhymes with “dope”? Hope. And that’s what this game offers you; plenty of dope and hope. No seriously, this game is awesome. I give it 4.5 out of 5.

That’s the Spirit! Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

That’s the Spirit! Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
Ghost Trick is a simple game full of wonders and tricks. Like the ghost itself, the name might be so obscure that there are so few people who actually recognize what’s this game all about. Many people are surprised when they found out about this game, and even more surprised when they actually get to play it, including myself to be honest. However, it is the kind of surprise that you’ll get when you expect to find an iron but found a gold instead – it’s pleasantly surprising and intriguing. As an RPG game filled with puzzle-solving segments and intriguing plot filled with unique characters, this game is addicting enough for those whose choice of drug is visual-novel RPG. When I played this game, I literally spent whole days just to get to the next stage and unravel the mystery that has been introduced since the beginning of the plot. This game brilliantly combined concepts of suspense and comedy very well. Not to mention, it also has the sci-fi elements blended perfectly with its otherwise supernatural premise. I don’t know about others, but I must say that it’s sad this game gets so little love for its amazing effort and perfection in so many things.
The Basic
The gameplay of Ghost trick is a side-scrolling, 2D puzzle game which basically the thing that must be solved in each chapter of the game. In order to unravel the mystery and get to the next stage, the player should be able to finish every puzzle given within time limits and reach the objective listed in the story. The graphic can be quite misleading to some people because it might not be the best in the world. But when it is seen in the perspective of the story and the vibe, I must say that even the graphics are actually fitting to the whole atmosphere. With eccentric character designs and an overall comic-style drawing for each of the sprites, I must say that even if the illustration itself is actually one of the strong points of Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.
That, combined with mind-blowing, witty plot are the deadly combination that really got me. The gameplay is actually not very hard and the instruction in the game is pretty clear. You’ll play as Sissel, a dead man’s spirit who somehow has gotten himself involved between the strings of unsolved cases started from 10 years ago. Sissel, having awoken as a ghost, he sees his dead body lying in the dumpster, and then he realized that he got no memories whatsoever about him being dead and his true identity aside from his name. He then met a talking lamp which will explain about what he must do in order to regain his memories back as well as to unravel the truth behind the unsolved case that ties many people’s fate. He got only one night to explore everything and get to the truth, because in the morning his soul will disappear without a trace. Every ghost has special power, and Sissel’s power lies in the manipulation of inanimate objects, in which he had to try his best to alter people’s death and fate during the whole night in order to piece everything together. Sounds ridiculous? I don’t think so, mind-blowing? Yes, and this is only the start. When you get to immerse yourself in the game, you will find that every last bit of this game totally deserve all the love a visual novel game deserves to get.
The Review
The only downside of this game is that this genre is definitely not for gamers who love past-faced, action-filled game. The narration of Ghost Trick, albeit being its main strongest point, also its downside since it is so long and not many people appreciate reading a wall of text. So I wouldn’t recommend this game to people who prefer more action in their video games. But for those who love visual novel genre though, then this game might be the one for you. Speaking from the perspective of plot-wise, characters-wise, concept-wise, and even the little nitty-gritty such as illustration and the music, this game is a definite hidden, precious jewel. I give this game 4.5 out of 5.

PC Gaming Pros and Cons

30. PC Gaming Pros and Cons
The gaming world surely has very great development recently. People love playing game as their method for enjoying the spare time. In fact, the games can be great entertainment support for people who have to be busy for almost all the time. There are various kinds of game which can be found. People maybe are familiar with the PC games but it seems like there are also more and more game options including console game as well as mobile game which can be used for their entertainment method. Nevertheless, people will be able to find the pros and cons of PC games compared to other game types.
There are various kinds of pros which can be found when people choose to play the PC games. Getting entertainment supports surely become the biggest advantage which people can find from the PC game. Nevertheless, there are still many other benefits which can be found from playing PC games. People think that playing games will make people unable to socialize. However, people actually will be able to socialize easily when they are playing the PC games especially when they are playing the games with multiplayer. It means that they have to play against other player whether online or on the same sofa. People will also be able to improve their intellect by playing the PC games because people will be able to find the intellectual PC games which make them have to use bright strategies for winning the game. People will also be trained to thinking quickly while playing the game as well. People will also find the game which is educational for the player such as the game with real life situation and flight simulation. People can find the advantage from the hand and eyes coordination which is improved by playing PC games.
It is sure that there are also some cons which people have to face when they are playing PC games. Although people can find the games with multiplayer, people can also find the game which is for single player only so they have to play it alone. It means that they will be isolated from friends and family for pretty long hours. This can be the reason why they will be called anti-social. Playing game can make people spend much of their time for playing the game only so they will not do other activities which are more productive. That is why it is important for people to play the PC games moderately. One thing for sure, people want to enjoy the game with high quality but it means that they need hardware with high quality. In this circumstance, they have to spend a lot of money for buying the high quality hardware. People can break their bank account for buying the high quality PC gaming hardware and software. With the disadvantages which can be found from playing PC games, they have to make sure that they manage their game playing strategies properly. They should consider about their budget but it is more important for them to play the game after they accomplish the daily activities.